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Ioannides Acoustics Consulting

Ioannides Acoustics Consulting

General Details

Ioanninon 5A

City: Nicosia

Zip Code: 1101

Country: Cyprus

Tel.1: 22 261715

Fax: 22 261715

Email: stefanos@i-acoustics.com.cy

URL: www.i-acoustics.com.cy

“Sound is what makes us tick” (??????????? ????????) At Ioannides Acoustics Consulting we provide acoustical solutions for room acoustics, noise control, acoustical isolation, and audio systems to ensure the efficient distribution of sound as well as the reduction of noise in and around all types of buildings. We are experts on acoustic and sound system design with extensive experience on both indoor and outdoor projects. We offer our consulting services by working together with architects, mechanical engineers, project managers and private individuals, providing tailored solutions for all types of acoustic, noise and sound system projects. We are based in Nicosia, Cyprus. We undertake projects all around Cyprus and the surrounding region. Our 3D acoustical modeling services are provided internationally through our website.

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