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ARTE Music Academy

ARTE Music Academy

General Details


City: Nicosia

Zip Code: 1097

Country: Cyprus

Tel.1: +357 22676823

Fax: +357 22665695

Email: academy@artemusic.org

URL: http://www.artemusic.org

Arte Music Academy is the first Music Institution of Tertiary Education in Cyprus and the only one specialized and exclusively dedicated to Music. It is a four year course, leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Music,  Evaluated – Accredited by C.E.E.A.

The faculty consist of eminent musicians and scholars. Martino Tirimo, the distinguished  musician  serves as the Academy’s  artistic director. Arte Music Academy offers a unique musical education, covering the areas of Performance, Composition, Music Education and Academic Study of Music.

“The creation of the ARTE Music Academy in 2002 was a landmark in the history of musical education in Cyprus. It was the first Academy of its kind on the island and from its very beginning it set standards to compare with the best of similar international institutions. It is noteworthy that the aims and goals of ARTE concern not only the musical development of the student but also the cultivation of the personality as a whole, one of the Academy’s top priorities. The course programs offer an exceptionally wide variety of subjects, including music therapy, psychology of music and a music leadership course. Above all, the teaching staff at ARTE consists of first-class performers, composers and academic tutors who have been an inspiration to the students, not least because of their caring and friendly attitude. It has been a great joy and privilege for me to be connected with ARTE, which, thus far, has been an enormous success. It is also a cultural center and an informal meeting place for musicians, young and old. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will continue to offer musical education of the highest order.” ...

The programme of study aims to advance musical understanding, creativity, individual expression and interpretation and to expand academic interest and critical thought among the students. To achieve this, the Academy follows a high level of academic teaching and evaluation.  Graduate students are fully equipped to pursue a career in the form of teaching, performing, composing or other music-related employment, or to continue further studies.  Great emphasis is given to the development of the individual potential of each student.

The faculty consists of eminent musicians and scholars of different musical backgrounds, covering a wide range of interests and research.  Martino Tirimo, the distinguished pianist and musician serves as the artistic director of the Academy.  The principal of the Academy is Pitsa Spyridaki who is acknowledged for her contribution in music education in Cyprus for many years.

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