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Limassol Camerata

Limassol Camerata

General Details

35 Dervenion Street

City: Limassol

Zip Code: 3052

Country: Cyprus

Tel.1: +357 99 589774

Fax: +357 25 584250

Email: mail@limassolcamerata.org

URL: http://www.limassolcamerata.org

The first professional regional chamber orchestra in Cyprus, the Limassol Camerata perform, promote and preserve various kinds of music, being a link between the local audience, Cypriot and international artists. It develops esthetics of its public by introdusing a high quality music to it. It is a string chamber orchestra created according to people's needs and it is open for any new musical challenge.

Public needs - our service
Before the foundation of Limassol Camerata, local artists had a difficulties to perform with an orchestra. Also, the foreign artists had often to bring their strings sections to Cyprus, fact that made musical productions too expensive. As a result, the local audience was served by commercial productions which had limited impact on their cultural developemnt. The Limassol Camerata is serving both, Cypriot and foreign artists aiming to create positive and creative atmosphere for the development of its audience, through education and enlightment.

Who We Are?
Consisting from professionals from all Cyprus towns, the Limassol Camerata was created on the initiative of local musicians, music teachers and students of music. It is a 16 members string orchestra with 8 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellow and one double bass. Occationally, piano or solo instruments might be included. The orchestra is artistically and organizationally supported by conductor Mr. Roland Melia and team coordinator Mr. Nenad Bogdanovic. The basic institutional support was provided by the association Mousika Niata Kyprou - Jeunesses Musicales Cyprus.


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