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Vassos Argyridis

Vassos Argyridis

Vasos Argyridis was born in Lemesos of Cyprus in 1960 and from 1980 up to 1986 studied composition and instrumentation in Tchaikovsky Moscow state Conservatory. In May of `86 the Moscow state Symphony Orchestra interpreted his symphony “Pictures of Cyprus”, a work that gave to Vasos Argyridis the title of Master of Fine Arts.

In 1990 the German Pfalztheater of Kaiserslautern produces his opera “Manoli!” The same opera is presented in Cyprus and in 1992 goes up in Hamburg’s Academy of Music.

Vasos Argyridis has written the music for more than 30 plays in theatre and many films and documentaries in Cyprus, Greece and Europe. His songs have been interpreted by the more famous Greek singers in discography and concerts (Giorgos Dalaras, Mario Frangoulis, Nena Venetsanou, Costas Makedonas, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Dimitris Mpasis, Vasilis Lekkas, and Tania Tsanaklidou).

1993 - Rewarded the 1st prize for best music in the cinema festival of Thessalonica

1998 - Rewarded the 1st prize for best music in the theatre festival of Athens for his music on “Wealth” by Aristophanes.

2004 - Golden medal in the international cinema festival in Houston.

In September 2005 Vasos Argyridis composes a big suite based on music of the grate Greek composer Stavros Xarhakos for the Moscow traditional orchestra “OSIPOV” and presented in Acropolis Herodus theatre during Athens festival.

In October 2007 he gives two concerts during the international festival “KYPRIA 2007” in Nicosia and Lemesos with the Moscow symphony orchestra of “Sergey Prokofiev” and the famous Greek singer Nena Venetsanou, presenting his adaptations and arrangements on the traditional music of Cyprus and new songs on poetry of Odysseus Elytis.  The same concerts are given in Russia, December 2007 in the Moscow “New Opera” and in April 2008 in Academic Kapella of Saint Petersburg, in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine in November 2008 and in London Cadogan Hall as well with the Oxford Philomusica Symphony Orchestra.

His adaptations and arrangements on the traditional music of Cyprus have been recorded in a CD named “The music treasure of Cyprus” which became platinum in Cyprus.


General Details

Personal Details

First Name: Vassos
Year of Birth: 1960
Last Name: Argyridis

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