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MICHALIS ANDRONIKOU – “The Northlander” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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MICHALIS ANDRONIKOU – “The Northlander” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Note from the Composer - Michalis Andronikou

The Northlander (2016)

The music of The Northlander was based on two components; the need to reflect the sense of the rebirth or the recovery of the planet with the dawn of a new age on earth, and the spontaneous reaction from each moment of the film. Digging into the moment with the use of improvisation, allowed me to discover the emotion and the character of the film, shaping the sound of a “new world”, which carries memories and influences but –at the same time– it is “new” and “unheard”. Although this meta-music may sometimes give the impression of incidental sounds, and some other times may sound like repetitive minimal patterns, it is in fact an impulsive, gestural music construction, which aims on liberating the audience from any sound convention that would predetermine the audience’s perception. In a way, the year 2961, after humanity and nature has recovered the land, is the time when sound and music are being rediscovered, following the search of Cygnus, for an answer for his people and his real identity.

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